US Coal

Voltcon Provides US Coal supplier US High CV Coal (GCV - ADB 7600) This coal, is low in ash (7-8%) and low in moisture (7-8%) thus offering high heat value (GCV ADB 7700). It has been widely used in the brick kiln industry, cement and power generation industry. When used in boilers, it has great advantage over high moisture Indonesian coal because US high CV coal has very low moisture compared to Indonesian coal. US Coal Detail Guaranteed GAR ± 7,200 Kcal/kg NAR ± 6,900 Kcal/kg Total Moisture ARB 6 to 8% Ash Content ARB 6 to 8% Volatile Matter ARB 36 to 40% Fixed Carbon ARB by difference Total Sulfur ARB 2.4 to 2.8%
Calcined Anthracite CoalSpecifications
FC 85-94%
Sulphur 0.2- 0.5% Max
Sizes Offered 1-6 mm
Ash 5-13%
Vm 2% Max